Diagnostics Outlook

Medical device diagnostic arena witnessed series of events in the recent times. Some of the prominent events in diagnostic space include funding, IPO filing, product approval and concerns that hampered the industry growth.

Funding: Counsyl and Integrated Diagnostics were among some players who received funding and used the same to either push or expand the market for their diagnostic tests. While few start ups walked on the path towards IPO filings others had reached the IPO flagstaff already.

IPO: Ariosa and Alere’s subsidiary BBI Diagnostics are some of the noteworthy examples who chased their IPO dreams in last couple of weeks. While start ups were experiencing progress through funding or IPOs , established players did  their end of work through novel product launch.

Product Launch:Siemens with its imaging agent and  Roche with Diagnostic test are the players  who garnered the industry attention for their activities in the same space. While the industry was witnessing growth from start ups and established players front , hurdles such as reimbursement  still held the players and hence industry growth to a significant amount.

Key Challenges: Some of the in hand solutions that can be looked into by the players to counter the hurdles include

1.Monthly payment schemes

2.Deferring payments

3.Tax benefits  scheme associated with tests.


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