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100+ Billion Dollar Company Ventures into Healthcare


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Foxconn (, the no 1 EMS service provider plans to venture into medical equipment market says chairman Terry Guo. With all the leading medical device EMS service providers such as Jabil ( and Flextronics ( already going strong in healthcare industry, Foxconn was the only one (Amid the top 3 EMS) with no Medical EMS expertise. Flextronics and Jabil further have bolstered their presence in healthcare sector through some major acquisitions in recent past. Chairman Terry Guo believes that company has potential to grow in medical sector by leveraging its low cost manufacturing practice, and also would target manufacturing of medical robots in coming days.

Experts say Foxconn must first target non invasive devices which require lesser technical expertise in comparison to invasive devices.We all look forward the Foxconn’s future activities in healthcare space, for now all we know is 128 billion dollar company is looking to venture into healthcare.

Sources:DIGITIMES Article

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