Answer to the above question is yes. Electrical engineering team of Princeton(  has accomplished the same through their laser based device. Device is capable of providing blood glucose reading by measuring the amount mid infrared rays retained by cells post their exposure on the palm of diabetic patient.

Just when who’s-who of both medtech industry and outside were working towards developing an alternative to conventional prick based glucose monitoring, the discovery of laser based device came as a noteworthy innovation. This could change the face of diabetic monitoring in coming days. While the Google( and Novartis( partnership in diabetic arena involved contact lens, a discovery which is still a mind boggling concept of glucose measurement, this is something way ahead of time.

Let us see if these innovation could any further simplify the life of an individuals. As of now we await the testing of the laser based glucose monitoring device that just had output evaluation done on 3 healthy subjects.


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Can you think of Glucose Measurement without skin prick?

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