Software Hardware Combo, That will change the life of medical professionals



Hardware from Google( and Software from Wearable intelligence( is a combination that will for sure turn heads when talked together on same platform. The combo from the two companies has come up with the solution that eases day to day life of service workers specifically in Health care space. One of the area that device can help physicians is, retrieve and skim patient data avoiding the hassle of going through hard copies . Device combo also offers other unique features such as, guidance on diagnostic procedures, screen share with fellow colleagues and many others. The catch that lies here is, safety of data linked to the software which in no way can walk outside hospital doors. Login requires unique physician specific QR code, making entry into the virtual system extremely secure. Security does not limit itself to entry but also at exit level. Once the user removes the Google Glass or walks out of hospital, there is automatic sign off and, data erasing protocol gets activated.

Do the aforementioned words not sound like words from future?

It sure does to us, but the reality is that, its happening now. Its happening at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School: and other 9 other organization that have been testing Wearable Intelligence’s software with Google Glass.


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