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We all have seen different versions of Star Trek, and each of these versions had one common thing which i am sure would have interested each one of you “The Tricoder”. In quest for development of similar device, Qualcomm( has launched a competition ” QUALCOMM TRICORDER X PRIZE”, catch is that price tag attached to the same is 10 million USD.

Crazy number of entries poured in, which after skimming and review resulted in top 10 potential candidates chasing their final dream of portable diagnostic device aiding across 16 ailments. These individual teams  have put their entire energy and know how in building and assembling the  device which finally will be put to field test in 2015. Device cannot be some random assembled and functioning prototype and has to adhere to certain parameters. Some of the important parameters that device needs to qualify  includes:

-weight not exceeding 5 pounds

-diagnose 16 ailments


-non invasive

-requires no physician intervention.

Portability and home care are two major pillars of  many med tech innovations in recent past, and are also the motivating points for these individual competitors.
 As of now we just look forward to, that one team which will be holding 10 million cheque in one hand and tricoder look alike in other.
Here are those ten teams who made to finals:
  • Aezon (US) 
  • CloudDX (Canada)
  • Danvantri (India) 
  • DMI (US) 
  • Dynamical Biomarkers Group (Taiwan) 
  • Final Frontier Medical Devices (US) 
  • MESI Simplifying Diagnostics (Slovenia) 
  • SCANurse (UK) 
  • Zensor (Ireland)


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Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize: In a quest for medical device from future

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