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We are very well aware that medtech start ups are getting smart in using software with open source programs and also leveraging the web for fast route to market. But they never cease to surprise us with novelty in technological arena. Best part is even before we get used to current breakthroughs, Next Generation of the same is put on table.


One of the company which has spurred this thought in our head is Propeller Health(, maker for smart inhalers.

Propeller health inhaler has a sensor attached which keeps track of time and place that you last took your medication at. Dosage adherence and symptom tracking are among the going concerns in COPD patients, and device intends to provide answer to those issues. Data collected by the sensor gets automatically synced with your mobile through blue tooth connectivity. Information collected gets stored in app which not only will help the individual patient educate himself but also aids physician in remote monitoring. Any drug therapy has the best effect only when it has right and objective data to evaluate from patients end, Propeller’s device is an answer to all those bottlenecks.
Company recently received  14.5 million USD series B funding, which it plans to use in sales and marketing of the device. Company has big plans for sensor technology which it longs to incorporate in other drug delivery devices in coming days.
All we can await, is for more of such medtech startups transforming normal medical device to devices with IQ.
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Its an era of smart medical devices: Propeller Health

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