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An uptick in complimentary device buyouts

Earns Medtronic
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Medical device OEMs have been on M&A bandwagon for long , either to scale up their market share or to become one  stop shop for hospitals. However M&As now have drifted to complimentary device buyouts.

One of the pioneer who has acted in this direction way before his  peers is “Medtronic(”. Company has done series of acquisition in complimentary device space to drive the sales of their current products. Company’s 2014 acquisitions of Tyrx and Corventis acknowledges its seriousness about complimentary devices and their role play in coming days. Similar paths were trailed by other medtech OEMs such as Covidien( who bought Zephyr and Saint Jude Medical( who bought CardioMEMS. Both these acquisitions were mapped to patient monitoring and complimentary device categories.
Medtech companies could also be routed to technologies which are at nascent stage of development, assuring more such M&A deals lined up in future. There are multiple technologies from various start-ups which are been trialed and tested for their complimentary tie-up with current devices in market. MC10( would need a special mention here for its electronic bandage, which is exploring multiple avenues across therapeutic areas. As of now we look for more of such hidden patterns in medical device M&A activities.
Source: Medical device trends analysis
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