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When there is an #app for everything why not for detecting #jaundice in new born. Researchers at University of California have created an #app to address  aforementioned issue.
App is named #BiliCam. Name comes from bilirubin ( responsible for yellowing of skin during Jaundice) and mobile camera which is used to detect the disease.App uses a frame of different colors, against which baby’s picture is taken. This picture is than analyzed to detect severity of the jaundice in new born. In recent times where reimbursement is not in big favor of in-patient stay with no exceptions to new born, the app would come in handy to diagnose the disease. Further its home usage also reduces the unnecessary hospital visits and blood draws, which new born gets subjected to.App’s accuracy was measured on close to 100 patients, with trial results being  promising ones.
This does not change the current patient-physician relationship but just adds one more tool kit to home-care devices or home-care apps. We await for more such apps that address issues of healthcare in efficient and easy way.
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App Vs. Physician

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