Universal Companion Diagnostic

Image Source: Covance Website
Companion Diagnostic(http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/ProductsandMedicalProcedures/InVitroDiagnostics/ucm407297.htm) market is garnering much deserving attention in recent times on various factors ranging from  partnerships, M&As and Novel breakthroughs. The deal counts in companion diagnostics space were on record high in last couple of quarters. Lot of new trends were spoken around next generation sequencing and  universal companion diagnostics.
Universal companion diagnostics, which one test for multiple targeted therapies is platform that has caught interest of leading diagnostics service providers. Majority of them quote; that the paradigm shift from one test for one drug to one test for multiple targeted therapies would pave way for enhanced clinical oncology outputs. Diagnostics giants such Thermo Fisher(http://www.thermofisher.com/en/home.html) and Illumina(http://www.illumina.com/) have already inked deals with various pharmaceutical companies to develop universal companion diagnostic for their respective products.
Companion diagnostics are those tests which help decide the patients suitability for the drug or therapy. For many cancer types, patients tumor are tested to ascertain presence or absence of actionable genetic markers. Aforementioned information is instrumental in zeroing down to ideal course of action best suited to individual patients. Current genomic analysis technologies  detect just one or few genetic biomarker in a single go. This in turn scales up the time of narrowing down to write therapy and putting the therapy to action takes further added time. Using next generation sequencing technology to trace relevant genetic biomarkers for targeted therapies sees a considerable down sizing of time value.
These advancements in companion diagnostics space acknowledges the players seriousness in addressing; need of targeted therapies worldwide.
Let us look forward to more such technical advancements in companion diagnostics space, as of now let us view commercialization of universal companion diagnostics.
Sources: Company Websites: Thermo Fisher, Illumina, Fiercemedical
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