Facebook’s Foray Into Healthcare


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Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) already has good understanding of who your mates are or what are your areas of interest, however soon it will know what is your health status. Confused!!! Don’t be….We are quiet serious about this claim….

Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) has recently unveiled its plan to foray into health care sector. In the recent times, health monitoring has emerged as one of the priorities of people globally. And that is the rational of various players venturing into this arena. After Silicon valley giants Apple(www.apple.com) and Google(www.google.com), Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) now has plans for shaping better health care system for its users worldwide. Its recent investment of time and money on some of the health related features that it intends to pair with its already existing Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) platform is believed to smooth-en a lot of health issues of its user community. This scaled up platform longs to address many issues that health care faces today, further apps and communities cannot ask for platform better than Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) to reach its target crowd.

We analyzed the various plans that Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) intends to adopts over a course of time ,to fill the gap that currently prevails in the industry.
 Let us quickly glance through the agenda of the article 
1.Why its foraying into health care now and not before?
2.What are the platforms that are likely to be added on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/)?
3. Sustainability of the plan
4.Facts on this ventures success/failure
5.Initiatives that it would like to propose
6. Industry Opinions
1.Why its foraying into health care now and not before?
We might all be wondering why this foray into health-care segment now; Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) has very simple answer to this, which is ” Health-care was area of interest for the company from beginning however it got pushed back due to pressing products which surfaced up as need of the hour”. Further it feels that this venture could increase user engagement in coming days; to quote an example its recent initiative around Organ Donor Status received huge response acknowledging the above fact.
2.What are the platforms that are likely to be added by Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) ?
Two of the major segments that Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) is channelizing its efforts include; building of health-care apps and patient communities for its users world wide. Facebook’s(https://www.facebook.com/) seriousness index on this venture could be backed with company’s recent move involving discussion with leading medical device experts and setting up of R&D division to check the apps that it looks to integrate with current platform.
3. Sustainability of the plan 
4.Facts around the ventures success/failure
5.Initiatives that it would like to propose
Company’s certain plans such as patient community drives inspiration from the likes of “Patientslikeme”, community which is quiet instrumental in serving its purpose involving exchange of words amid patients with similar ailments. Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) is also aware of the fact that this transition would require certain relaxations on the clauses which it currently believes to be mandatory. To highlight one such clause : real name login; this feature must see certain exemption for patient community where user would like to operate as alias.
6. Industry Opinions
This transition would require much more than what Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) has currently invested; more than anything security of patient data would be key concern. Patient data must not be used by other users, nor must be accessible to advertisers and pharmaceutical companies. Move to health-care for Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) wont be easy task, but then which task associated to health-care is easy.
We totally understand that Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/) has thought this through, and on the day of app and community launch, it sure will leave its users in complete applaud. All we hope is that it does not leave any stone unturned before it goes full fledged on this move, just on the grounds that it involves patient and their lives, areas far more important than anything else.
With different giants from various industry pouring in we sure can look into the health-care future in more relaxed way. As majority of breakthroughs coming from whos who of the tech world revolve around monitoring, which basically enables an individual to pre-monitor the symptoms and act on them; we sure can expect a healthy tomorrow.
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