Lately medical device OEMs are hell bent on acquisition of monitoring device start-ups. St Jude Medical’s CardioMems acquisition or Medtronic’s Corventis , each one of them were targeted towards patient monitoring technologies.

Now we all understand how important it is for healthcare to remotely monitor patients health and device performance. Some of the giants such St Jude Medical are interested in taking this idea to a next level, by bringing in diabetic care therapy model on board. Therapy which is in reference to artificial pancreas, a device quiet spoken these days mainly on the grounds of its functionality ,which is believed to be a leap in the future. Medical device giants are looking to bring the same operational model for segments such cardiology , where they not just monitor the health but also provide remote instructions to patients through support from apps and other portals.

Patient monitoring devices address the entire gamut of crowd which we term as “3PM”. 3PM stands for physician , patients, payers and medical device companies.

In the days ahead we sure can expect these line items to come live and serve the greater good that we all believe is purpose of industry , i e better patient health at affordable price.

Medical Device Trends (


Can patient monitoring devices change the face of healthcare?

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