Here is an answer,on how to avoid re-admission penalty for hospitals?


Readmission penalty is unsolved problem of hospitals in US. CMS penalized close to USD 227 million in  2014 for hospitals on
re-admission around heart failure , heart attack and pneumonia discharge. Under these circumstance it is very important for hospitals to look out for solution that could save them from this surfacing issue.

Saint Jude’s Cardio MEMS answers this issue in a best possible manner. Monitoring the device and patient related problems remotely addresses the need of the hour . Remote monitoring benefited various subjects but 4Ps ( Physician , Patient , Producers and Payers) get benefited the most. In this case physicians and payers could leverage the platform similar to Cardio MEMS to address the increased cost burden concerns. According to market reports technology similar to CardioMEMS is poised to become USD 2 billion in coming days, this is likely to grow exponentially as Affordable Care Act’s clause around re- admission penalty and entire Act’s agenda of reduced healthcare cost gets addressed significantly through these platforms.

Time alone would tell, if similar technologies would be adopted by more companies to address hospital cost burden.

In times where medtech merger are quoting “one stop solution to hospitals” as their rational for acquisition, we believe M&As in future would quote avoiding readmission penalty as the reason for their acquisition targets.


Content Outline Picked From : Fierce Medical

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