Nintendo and its plan for healthcare


Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

While likes of Facebook, Microsoft, Google are doing everything at their behest to mark their presence in healthcare here is one more addition to a long cue of companies who wants to improve patients health by their innovations.

Nintendo creator Mario and Donkey Kong now is looking to launch healthcare devices which can monitor fatigue and sleep.

QOL sensor is device which is kept on bedside of the user, and is equipped with radio frequency sensor that closely monitors human body’s vital signs ,so that same could be visualized & analyzed for better perspective to tackle healthcare issues.

Technology was result of join collaboration between Nintendo and Resmed(creator of devices pertaining to treatment of respiratory and sleep disorders)

Here is how device works ,QOL sensor with RFS mounting is placed on bedside of user. This carefully monitors and records your all vital signs which are than stored on cloud space. Non contact sensors monitor everything from heart rate, breathing rate and others. Data saved on QOL server will be analyzed by Nintendo , output of which will be visual representation of sleep and fatigue.

Post all the visualization patient can be recommended for right habits or right diet to improve its sleep and fatigue status.

It will be too soon to say but company can pair this platform’s results to use of its Wii U console. Wondering how ? For better sleep outcomes, company can link use of its gaming device to burn calories and there by improve your sleep and fatigue visualization.

Healthcare industry is sure dynamic one, while Google’s nano particle , Facebook’s patient community and Microsoft’s health vault and band were just seeping in our mind in terms of usability and adoption here is one more which has caught our attention.

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Below is snapshot on its functionality:



Content Outline From : WSJ


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