Billionaire who has taken healthcare industry way too seriously

Number of billionaires worldwide are on  increase and each of them are addressing their obligations to the society via various CSR activities. However this man has taken his action a level above, Alfred Mann, billionaire who first addressed the need of diabetic patient and now has set his eye on opthalmics.

89 years old Las Vegas billionaire kick started his healthcare obligations by first channelizing 1 billion USD of his own cash and 13 years of his valuable time to have breakthrough in diabetic treatment. He gave his products and his company name “Mannkind” ,which remains as souvenir of his efforts and hard work.

After his success in Diabetic space he heads to opthalmic arena where his 17th company is all set to treat blindness. Second Sight, the company that longs to address this, is  all set for its initial IPO of USD 300 million. Company’s current product finds application on patients who still have functional optic nerve; however going forward it longs to wipe away the blindness issue through attaching the implant directly to brain.

What we intend to say here is, in a market where start ups are facing increased hurdle either to generate cash or to generate idea itself there are trend setters like Alfred Mann who don’t just idealize a scenario but also materialize them .

We await for his vision to come to reality and probably follow up with readers with yet another write up.

Content outline and facts : Bloomberg


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