Will ETO remain as an option of medical device sterilization?


ETO sterilization is most preferred sterilization technique in healthcare space. However lately it has received lot of criticism from various environmental agency who believe that it can cause cancer in human beings and is fatal on many grounds.

Leading sterilization service providers along with medtech giants have voiced their opinion by saying , risk associated with ETO sterilization is inappropriately magnified by regulatory agencies and it is not that big of a threat.

Steris, Sterigenics and others have strongly opposed the claims that has painted foul picture for ETO sterilization in healthcare arena. Boston Scientific leading medtech giant, whose 70% of medical sterilization relies on ETO has also been trying to rationalize  with agencies on same. In times where Gamma sterilization is witnessing increased supply disruption with vendors such as Reviss walking out of the market , and now EPA’s concern on continuity of ETO sterilization , sterilization supply market is in a state which definitely requires a good fix. Fix by novel technologies or new entrant venture.

As medical device industry awaits for an immediate answer on this objective based question with limited options , we just hope answer is something economical and can generate results quickly.

For complete story : Bloomberg ( http://www.bna.com/epa-conclusion-sterilizer-n17179911871/)


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