Wi-Fi , now can be used to treat infection.

1. US researchers have come up with device which uses Wi-Fi to treat infection.
2.Its prototype was used on lab mice for treatment of staph.
3.Implant gets activated with Wi-Fi signal.
4.Symptoms of infection wiped with in 24 hours.
5.This mode of activation will pave way for targeted drug delivery through
Wi -Fi ticker.

We have been part of healthcare era where devices never stop to surprise us through innovations that they bring on table.
We have seen diagnostic tests carried out  through phone , monitoring through band-aid type device ( MC 10 ) and glucose measurement through contact lens , but now we have device which uses Wi- Fi signal for treatment of tissue in which it is implanted.

US researchers from Tufts and Illinois University have come up with innovation which uses Wi-Fi signal to trigger a implant capable of treating infection. Now we are well versed with technologies that operate through heat from body,  namely Proteus Health and other platforms similar to it, but this technology is something we are having trouble to get our arms around. All conventional platforms  are continuous in nature , that is they cannot be triggered and stopped at will of the users. But the device in reference here, can be, it is an implant which is activated remotely through Wi-Fi. Researchers believe this might have tremendous potential in coming days where its current usage could be expanded to drug delivery , level that includes delivery of dosages to targeted body sites.

As we await for device’s promising results, which as of know just stands on pre clinical data from mice , you keep a watch on more of such content features on Medical Device Trends : your daily dossier of medical device industry


Source: Content outline from DailyMail

Medical Device Trends


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