A drone for healthcare which has ambulance sign painted all over it

• Ambulance drone, drone equipped with healthcare device add ons.
• Current prototype equipped with defibrillators, future can be diabetic shots , oxygen mask and others
•Price expected to be around USD 19000.

Current phase of healthcare is witnessing many trends and technology breakthroughs which are more than instrumental in delivering to patient needs at home , in short, point of care devices are witnessing increased penetration and adoption amid patient pool. Now just because the market is witnessing growth , does it mean all devices should me moved from ICU to patient’s home or vicinity ?  Maybe not, maybe yes ? We do not know if it is feasible or will it be even thought out ?

But we do know one thing that there has been a creation of device which can deliver main features of ICU to desired location in case of emergency , it is called Drone, Ambulance Drone.

Dutch student, Alec Momont has given shape to his thoughts and converted it to a prototype , which is likely to be priced 19000 USD post commercialization. As of now ambulance drone is synonym to DD ( Defibrillator Drone), but we know it has numerous areas to explore .

Now let’s see the technicalities of drone. Drone will tap into emergency calls which have heart attack reason tagged to them , post which it will start its commute at speed covering 4.6 square miles in minute. It will deliver the defibrillator to required location, increasing the chances of patient survival from 8 to 80 %. This is not it , it also has webcam attached which will help doctors view the situation and guide the emergency operator accordingly.

With current prototype having so much to offer as end use , just imagine what amount of patient needs could be addressed through its subsequent version. Claims around tagging diabetic shot,  oxygen masks has already been established around drone’s future.

As we wait for more of such innovation, you let us know your feedback on this content feature.

Content Outline : Daily Mail

Medical Device Trends (www.medical devicetrend.com )


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