Can devices get any tinier?

Medical devices get tinier and better

1.Stimwave spinal cord stimulation device gets FDA OK.
2.Company calls its device electroceutical device , as it heals chronic leg and back pain through neuro stimulation.
3.Device is small microchip which can easily be implanted with lesser non invasive means , device sends small electric pulses to electrodes around , forcing pain signals to re route.
4. Device will reduce the dependency on analgesics, and larger than life devices which require external powering.
5. One of the key differentiating factor for the device is , its compatibility with MRI , a problem with good number of electronic implants.

As device compete against other drugs and other devices , innovators continue to grow this rivalries through their technology breakthroughs. Stimwave technologies product does the similar work  in flaring this long standing Device Vs. Drugs feud. Company launches its first tiny Neuro stimulation implant in US. It is a microchip which relives the back and leg pain by electric stimuli which reverses the pain flow signals routed from brain. Stimwave technologies has given a new definition to micro devices , as it measures .25 centimeter and can be easily injected through gauge needles.

Its application stands way ahead in comparison to conventional solutions, for whom the technology has surfaced as a real threat. Easy mode of implantation , compatibility in MRI, tiny size and no external power source required, makes the device stand apart.
In recent times when we are witnessing issues of MRI scans compatibility with implants such as Cochlear , Cardiac and others, this platform provides and immediate fixture to the compatibility issue.

Device is likely to hit US markets by January 2015. As we await for post market data , we sure can say the device has promising future in making patients life healthier and better.
Content Outline : Neurology Advisor
Medical Device Trends


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