Cost Reduction : Catheter Production

Is cost of producing catheter a worry point for you ?

1.There is increasing complexity and cost issues when it comes to catheter manufacturing.

2.Major issues are in regards to lubricity which includes PTFE Coating at outside and hydrophilic coating on inside.

3. DiaNia, Ireland based start up might just have an answer to aforementioned issues.

4. Company’s technology reduces complex 15 steps of catheter making to mere 7 steps.

We are all worried about increasing cost of manufacturing and decreasing price pressure from reimbursement bodies, under these circumstances , what if I say , you can reduce production cost of one of the most used disposable: Catheter ? Yes, there is scope for reduction in production cost of Catheter by extrusion technology namely Extrulub. While the conventional technology starts of with loading and stretching the liner, doing the reflow,removing the heat shrink and mandrel, and trimming the jacket liner, the Extrulub production process begins directly with the overmolding step. Avoiding some of the cost contributing critical steps have been key driver for company’s strategy success. Company has huge expectation from the technology , so do we. We end by saying the technology is likely to address need of OEMs  to a great amount not just at cost front but quality wise too. Content Outline from Plastic Today Medical Device Trends Your Trends Tracker


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