Abbott diagnostics : Flying High

Chain of events at Abbott ‘s Diagnostic Work Shop

1.Investors pleased with diagnostic gains.
2.Promising companion diagnostic deal with Idera.
3. Slashing jobs in one of DX division.
4. Remarkable Q2 for Diagnostic segment
5.Launch of cheaper and quicker infection prevention diagnostic platforms.
6. IRIDICA snagging CE mark.

Time for Abbott’s diagnostics wing seems to be just perfect. Investors pleased with gains , promising companion diagnostic deal with Idera , all adding up to company’s growth and glory in diagnostics. There were certain hiccups here and there , which involved slashing of jobs in certain operational units manufacturing diagnostic tools. However gains outrun the losses or fallbacks , where company had a lot to brag  around Q2 gains , cheaper and quicker platform launches ( IRIDICA) and others.
Overall Abbott is on winning streak in Diagnostic space. Hope to add more of accomplishments and less of fall backs for the company in coming days.

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