Insightec : Journey So Far

“Chain of events that define Insightec”

1.Company lands USD 59 Million funding for its Non invasive surgical tool.
2.It brings in Ex- Mako CEO on board.
3.Enters Chinese market with its non surgical fibroid device.
4. Rides in Canadian market with uterine fibroid device.

Its been joy ride for Insightec in many ways. Be it be funding , developed & emerging market venture or bringing who’s who of medtech arena on board. Company founded by GE Healthcare and Elbit Medical Imaging remained talk of  media houses for its path breaking technology, Exblate– used for non invasive , MRI guided surgical procedures.

Company recently received USD 59 million  funding from some major institutional investors from US and Asia. Technology that started with USD 200 million R&D investment, now has gathered good foothold in both European and US market, thanks to investors like York Capital Management, GEOC Hengtong Investment Limited Partnership and MediTech Advisors.

While quiet a substantial end applications use Exblate technology in Europe , US is on trial phase mode for the product type. It is used for treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids and for pain palliation of bone metastases under FDA guidance, and essential tremor, Parkinson’s disease and neuropathic pain under European regulatory agency’s purview.

Activity filled time for Insightec clearly speaks it all about the potential that Exblate holds.

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