Philips : Recent Activities


Image Source : Company Website

“Philips healthcare : Acquisition , Split , IP and Partnership”

1.In quest to garner strong foothold in imaging therapy company shells out USD1.2 billion for Volcano.
2.Increased focus on informatics post Health tech restructure.
3.On the account of issues in manufacturing and IP space , plans for an Healthtech acquisition.
4. Splits into two business segments , one targeting consumer and healthcare, while other focusing on light’s business.
5. Proves its seriousness in healthcare informatics by teaming with sales to create cloud based clinical platform.

Philips has been undergoing lot of restructuring and shuffling in recent times , all targeted towards strengthening the foot hold in healthcare space. It all started with company’s call ,of splitting their business into two segments namely : Healthtech and lighting business. Acknowledgement receipts in the form of collaboration with and acquisition of Volcano, just confirmed on company’s bigger plan in healthcare.

Company has been undergoing rough patch with patent issues with Masimo and certain manufacturing plants operational hurdles ; nevertheless its fighting back strong through its recent moves in the form of acquisition and partnerships with who’s who of their respective markets.

Volcano’s acquisition will go on floor by 2015 , this for sure will bolster the imaging therapy business of the company . Let us wait and watch on what’s lined for “The Netherland” based company in coming days, for now company is focused on delivering long term projects that it landed in home ground region and neighboring areas.

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