Home Healthcare : Case Study “NxStage’s Dialysis Devices”

“Home Healthcare Current Pioneers and Status”

Home Healthcare has been talk of the Medtech town  lately , segment is witnessing a boost from many factors including aging population , reduced healthcare cost pressures and others. Below are some the recent developments around the same with case study of NxStage’s and peer’s products:
1.NxStage waving a approval flag for expanded use of  its dialysis device.
2. Unique selling point of the device attributed to its fastness and ease of usage.
3.Peer devices subjected to warning letters and FDA scrutiny.
4.Home healthcare design outline laid down by FDA.

Home healthcare definitely brings in win win situation for 4Ps of healthcare, namely players ,physicians , patients and payers. Players get to address patient need through their smart products , physicians get to address the agenda of affordable care act , patients can receive treatment outside hospital set up and payers get to support healthcare coverage at reduced cost , not to forget that quality of product is not compromised under any circumstances. Believer of the aforementioned line items , NxStage, longs to address the need of all the Ps in reference here. According to certain data figures close to 7 million people used home Healthcare devices in 2004 , we can just imagine the number of users now. NxStage has also been convincing Medicare to support training coverage for the device type , so that home healthcare sees an increased adoption amid the patient pool in coming days.

Certain peer devices did see a roadblock and are put to FDA scrutiny , but we are sure with FDA pitching in through its guidelines and design consideration for home healthcare , future of these devices is certainly promising.

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