Roche’s recent developments

Roche’s acquisition spree

If you are asked to point at one company which has not left any stone unturned in the space of diagnostic you probably will point at Roche. Below are the trail of news releases in recent past that acknowledge our claim:

1. Company acquires Bina Tech to bolster its presence in diagnostic.
2. Materializes iQuum deal with launch of its point of care diagnostic system.
3. Brings Avansci’s bio tissue dissection technology on board.
4.Ventures into Prenatal DX with acquisition of Ariosa.

Roche has been pioneer in diagnostic space and it has been consistent in maintaining that title. Series of acquisition involving Ariosa , Avansci, Bina Tech clearly proves their commitment to diagnostic market. Its quickness in materializing the acquisition is indicated by time it took to launch IQuum acquired platforms. Its hunger to touch every possible facet of diagnostic has led to acquisition of Ariosa , this brought prenatal DX products on board.

Company, as earlier stated has not left any stone unturned in diagnostic arena and we are sure that it will remain center of focus for its activities around acquisitions in coming days too.

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