Google: Quick Healthcare Snapshot

All about Google & Healthcare

What Google has been doing in healthcare is not a myth, company’s product commercialization and innovation strategy  has been really commendable. Below are some chain of events and activities that had Google’s Innovation  and support painted all over it:

1.Google Ventures is pouring in more and more cash on Life science start ups each year.

2.More than 1/3rd of Google Ventures funds were channelized to healthcare start ups.

3.Flatiron Health remained the second highest fund taker from Google Ventures, with USD 100 million + support for their technology platform.

4.Google X’s projects from future, which includes contact lens for diabetic care and nano robots for cancer detection remained the center of discussion.

5. Calico, Google’s venture into biopharma space for addressing aging issues of population was also widely discussed on various media platforms.

6. Company has been making strong pitch for its genomic platform, with a price tag of USD 25 each per year.

One company which has been trying to awe us from every angle is Google.

Search engine giant has been taking healthcare way too seriously. Funding segment of the company, Google ventures, has put more than 1/3rd of its total investment on healthcare companies. Number which is quiet different from any other investor firm, who are trying to get away from healthcare funding mainly on the account of regulatory and other complexity associated with these markets. Not just funding – thoughts and ideas from outsiders, company has been doing a lot of thinking and development from inside too. Google X’s visionary projects seeing good start and partnerships with who’s who of healthcare , clearly indicates that the design and prototypes, which are on paper as of now will soon hit the market. Platform selling and revamping has also been on priority list of the company , to name a few of them, Genomic platform , Flu Trends influenza tracking software and others saw quiet a movement in recent past.

Overall company has been true to its words when it comes to healthcare. Just  after we hear from Google’s team that  ” This can be done from so and so technology of theirs”, its a matter of time that we see a prototype of the same hitting the market. Quickness to materialize the idea into working prototype has just been remarkable. Watch out for more such updates on Medical Device Trends.

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