Medtech IPOs

Players who stepped into IPO waters


Image Source : Reuters

Medtech IPOs are witnessing good times unlike the shady last year. Good number of companies have joined IPO league just to cash in on renewed public investor interest on life science sector. Below are trail of news on Medtech start ups bigger plan along with benchmarking with peer sectors with in healthcare:

1.2014 welcomes 25 medtech IPOs unlike previous year which just had 4.
2. Halyard health hits New York Stock exchange on Monday and experiences share price increase on the account of Ebola fear in West Africa and US.
3. GI device device maker Endo choice jumps on USD 150 million IPO chase.
4. Sientra goes for USD 75 million , while Nevro shoots for USD 100 million IPO.
5.Implantable tissue repair maker Histogenics chases USD 65 million IPO dream.
6. Molecular Diagnostic player Autogenomics stands again in IPO line for refiling.
7.Backed by medtech giants such as Medtronic and Baxter , Intersect and Ocular Therapeutix try to materialize on public investors reenforced trust on life sciences start ups.

Fresh IPOs from spin offs , average IPO of USD 60 million + and equal mix of diagnostic and medical sector are some of the facts that came out as inference from current Medtech IPO evaluation.

While everybody wants the bite of IPO cake , few have been skeptical and are pondering over multiple angles associated with their final IPO filings. Some of the noteworthy news release against the flow of trend are :

1. Novo nordisk IT spinoff pushing its IPO release dates.
2.MicroRNA withdraws IPO after getting not so good vibes from market.

What we see here is IPO wagon is running quiet smooth for start ups bearing Medtech flag while rest all divisions of healthcare such as drug delivery , pharma are witnessing certain lag or obstacles. Nevertheless situation ain’t that bad ,after all these are just hand full of case scenario. Companies with drug delivery tag , namely Civtas , Neuroderm and Eyegate stand against the tide and are walking down the IPO aisle with confidence and positivity.

Overall year seemed to be promising for all start ups who wanted to take their company a notch above by getting elite status of being on The  “Wall Street”.

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