VC backed exits in Medworld

We were backed by VCs but not anymore 1. 4 startups walk away from VC backed tag, and make it to the cream of top 20 healthcare exits.

2. Of total healthcare exit amount of USD 13.9 billion , USD 1.8 billion came from Medtech sector.

3.Companies who took the complete limelight include CardioMEMS , Nevro Corp , Topera Medical and Small Bone Innovations.

4. While some exits were via IPO filings others went through M&A channels.

Though every start up was greatfull to VC funding , each one of them also looked forward to playing mainstream game by either trading on Nasdaq or being part of the company which was already listed on WallStreet .Of top 20 VC backed healthcare exits that happened last year , 4 were mapped to Medtech sector . This definitely was something big for a industry which had a very slaggy last year in IPO space ( One of the VC exit channel). Of different exit gateways  M&A  stayed ahead and was clear winner in comparison to other channels. Some of the VC backed exits that traveled this route include   CardioMEMS (acquired by St Jude Medical), Small Bone Innovations (bought by Stryker) and Topera Medical (been acquired by Abbott). Lot of effort and resource had gone in making these start ups who they are , companies received funding from various venture capitalist firms. While some had contribution of many , few had one man support , to quote Boston Millennia Partners and CardioMEMS acquaintance will be relevant here. Wall Street space post IPO filing was yet another channel that start ups choose to become part of the bigger game. Overall Medtech did share alot of space with other pieces of healthcare namely pharma and biopharma last year, this was new from previous years where biopharma was fore runner followed by pharma and last was Medtech.

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