Big Hero : Future of Medical Devices

Baymax from Big Hero 6 : Medical Device from future ?

1.Its an era of DDM (Diagnose Deliver and Monitor)

2.Some of the noteworthy example in the space include recent developments on MC10 , artificial pancreas and others.

3.These are indicative of times where devices similar to Baymax from Big Hero 6 can surface up, as sector already embraces similar devices.

4.While who’s who of industry have already tapped into this potential booming sector(DDM), few of the pioneers who believe on the outcomes of this technology include Medtronic, Reebok , J&J and Others.

While the viewers around globe ponder over possibility of Baymax from Big Hero 6 to come live and operate in their day to day life, similar advancements have already surfaced up in west with products like MC 10, Artificial Pancreas doing similar work at smaller level.


Image Source: Walt Disney

MC10 which on its initial launch produced avenues such as diagnosing , monitoring,  has now been looked upon for solutions with complete package of DDM ( Diagnosing, delivering and monitoring). Artificial pancreas a dream project which was initiated by leading medtech companies including likes of Medtronic, J&J, Dexcom has now seen commercialization. A device which senses your glucose level,diagnoses the situation, delivers insulin through fitted pump, followed by constant glucose monitoring seems like great advancement in diabetic space.

Its just matter of time when platform like these will make patient life much easier, and they could afford to be taken care off from remote location, outside the hospital set up ( Something that affordable care act has been asking for long).

An era where people can wear/have Baymax like caretaker 24/7 with them, is soon to come. Movie can be explored for more such technical advancements however medtech can learn a lot from the movie Big Hero 6.

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