Glucose monitoring becomes effortless

Can glucose measurement get any easier?

Now when we think about conventional glucose monitoring, what’s the first thing that strikes us?

Let me tell you , its lancing device , an action involving skin prick , blood transfered on test strip , which is then put in glucose meter that eventually gives you reading of your glucose level.
Below are some torch bearers activity away from conventional mode to a path breaking and innovative diabetic solutions :
1. Contact lens from joint efforts of Google and Novartis longs to address glucose measurement needs of diabetic patients.
2. Glooko longs to liven up current glucose monitoring devices by wireless connectivity.
3. Abbott changes the concept of prick and measure glucose from the face of diabetic therapy.
4. Glucose monitors get tinier by days: IHealth.
5. Telecare , Ihealth make mobile glucose monitoring cheaper and efficient.
6.Continuous glucose monitoring takes a toll on diabetic patients.
7.Current advancements stand on sensor based non invasive technologies from the likes of Senseonics,Glysens.
8. Both the platforms are advanced in comparison to other continuous glucose monitoring platform on the grounds shelf life and needle free operation.
9. Some of the “To be” glucose monitoring platforms that are currently in prototype phase include University of California’s tattoo based monitor and Princeton’ s laser based technology.

Therapy which all started from lancets , lancing device and glucose meter, now has traveled long path via miniaturization , mobile connectivity , continuous monitoring, needle less   measurement and advanced platforms like wafers & laser usage.

Looking back at the picture of glucose measurement which now has repainted itself to glucose monitoring , we definitely can acknowledge the progress the sector made.

While ihealth, Telecare receive funding to take their mobile connected platforms further ahead on commercialization, Glooko brings home connectivity to current existing meters.

Followed by this advancement was Abbott’s sensor based glucose meter which prevents patient to go through prick and measure methodology.

Just when we were getting hold of all the aforementioned platforms and technologies, artificial pancreas from Dexcom , Medtronic and JnJ makes patient’s life further easy and simplified.

Diabetic market assumed that, this is it, we have best in class products for our requirements. They were put to surprise mode by platforms from Glysens, Senseonics. Platforms of two long to revolutionize continuous glucose monitoring concepts through their path  breaking innovations involving sensor technologies. While the two materialize on their vision, universities target next gen devices involving tattoos and lasers.

We can just imagine what future awaits in terms of diabetic therapies and platforms supporting the same. Watch out for more such updates in coming days.

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