Patient monitoring devices – Journey

Patient care saw evolution from hospital care monitoring to remote place monitoring. The shift was complemented by sensors and wireless connectivity, with sensors going on subjects body. Certain innovations around the same platform has resulted in creation of products which do not require human contact to do the task in hand. Below is trail of news around the same with Early Sense’s product as case study:

1. Early sense’s product helps you monitor vital signs without sensor stick arrangement.
2.Company’s origin flagged to innovation hub Israel.
3.Product is FDA approved and is receiving good funding from multiple channels.
4. Sensor platform helps in detection of potential adverse events at early stages of individual’s health.

Remote patient monitoring is buzzword in Medtech arena . Concept of monitoring patients outside the hospital setup is appealing to everybody, payers , physicians and government acts namely Affordable Care Act. RPM platforms which are worn by individuals has seen considerable growth in last few years, and it would not be wrong to say that they are heading to saturation. Lately there is new breed of technology which accomplishes aforementioned tasks without being worn at all. These are called non contact devices of healthcare by some.

Early sense, company which has significant progress in non contact remote patient monitoring, measures vital signs of patients recovering from their ailments.
It monitors potential adverse events that can put individual in jeopardy through its sensor based platforms in chairs and bed.

Market of remote patient monitoring is evolving to new heights and this is just beginning.

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