Can transparency get any more clearer?

From Opaque to Transparent : Healthcare System


Healthcare sector is very sneaky about lot of things, one of them is, their research accomplishments and findings, both good and not so good ones. Why so, is not a myth. Industry is subjective when it comes to success and failure of products, and nobody likes to put the error results on table. However in recent past  Medtech giant “Johnson and Johnson” has come out of this orthodox mindset and pushed itself a notch above, by declaring its various clinical documents for better good the society, mainly for the researchers. Below is trail of “fact chain” around the same:

  1. Yale University in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson has launched first of its kind project YODA (Yale University of Open Data Access project), that intends to share the clinical data around all diagnostics and medical devices on a public platform.
  2. The objective of the initiative was to make research findings available to people through intermediary gateway, so that all the results can be used for various inferences, with no research duplication happening in same space.
  3. Act is considered as evolution of open science in clinical medicine. Johnson and Johnson’s leading the program has acted as a catalyst for the entire momentum to pace up significantly. Some of the other supporters of this act include Medtronic, no 1 medical device company in the making (as we all await for completion of Covidien’s acquisition).

Johnson and Johnson, number 1 medical device company, has begun  laying down the foundation of open science in clinical medicine. This trend is likely to pave way for platforms and relationship that makes our research more transparent each day. Fellow researchers can look at the data points from these portals and avoid any sort of duplicity in terms of research, their by avoiding any sort of cash and time wastage.

We believe this is likely to be a turning point in healthcare, where companies would make way for methodologies and processes which are just meant to address the bigger picture that healthcare always longed for itself.

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