Medical device recalls can be tackled


Recalls of medical device can be due to multiple factors; however two line items which in recent past has surfaced up as prime areas demanding immediate attention are:

  1. Design
  2. After sales support

Design is good if it is kept simple

Design is very integral part of medical device value chain, and often manufacturers in course of making their products unique tend to make their products complex. They often drift away from very important saying which is “Keep it simple”. As the result an un-thought consequences pops up, resulting in product recalls. Recently talked superbug issue in endoscope is one such example highlighting that keeping design simple not just helps in easy usage of device but also helps in easy sterilization or decontamination. Olympus endoscopes sit on a similar problem, a problem which could have been avoided if the design of the product was kept simple.

After sales support does the trick

After sales support is yet another recall factor widely spoken of in recent times.  Medical device support does not end at selling of the products. Success of product largely relies on after sales support that company provides to its buyers. Though large number of independent service organization along with OEMs are working on  to help healthcare providers with training and other related areas, there still is a need of having robust after sales support. Recent recall of GE healthcare’s MRI system has been acknowledgement to the fact that, there is huge gap that needs to be filled by OEMs for delivering flawless healthcare solutions to end users.

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