Top med tech stories from previous day


Medical device trends brings you top 3 stories from previous day. As these features remained at the forefront in terms of tweets , views and discussions, we bring you quick snapshot of their content. Below are top three stories purely based on their social media coverage and popularity:

Boston Scientific starts of 2015 with a bang

2014 medtech mega mergers might not have seen much references to Boston Scientific’s activities , however company has opened its 2015 gateways with a huge release. According to recent news release from Reuters, BSC has shown interest in Endo International’s AMS unit and has offered to buy the segment for as high as USD 2 billion.

Superbug issue knocks the legal door

Bacteria associated with contaminated endoscopes have just become the legal problem along with its already attained healthcare issue tag. Olympus recently got sued from UCLA patient in regards to superbug infection. Situation has reached a point that FDA is looking to update the labels of endoscopes under scrutiny. Blame falls on the complex designs of these endoscopes which make it difficult to decontaminate, there by resulting in increased number of patient counts with probability of superbug infection.

Second sight lives up to its name

Patients with lost vision have a hope now, as Second Sight, California based company shows success  in vision restoration technology. Implants helps compensate damaged retina by sending the signal to optic nerve.

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