3D Printing Explores New Heights


3D printing is the most watched technology of the year. This is mainly attributed to its features which include customization, quicker process completion and high economic index.

In this rapid growing 3 D printing market, one company that  needs a special mention ,as it scaled up its volume and revenues at a pace much faster than sector itself is : Materialise.

Company was at top of its activity bar and experienced rapid growth in its 3d printing services business. Interestingly the revenue growth was greatly contributed by med tech sector. Close to 34% of its revenue came from medical devices. While its partnership with various medtech clients grew in number , its recent partnership with Fuwai hospital surfaced up to be noteworthy one. This was mainly because it was company’s first venture in emerging market , and it started with APAC’s heart :China. Company also explored gateways such acquisition, expansion and novel product launches to scale up its revenues.

Overall 3D printing market remained as hot bed for medtech sector and associated players.

While prosthetics and vascular segments remained to be hot sells, tissue printing remained at forefront of development.

As we watch out for more companies leveraging 3D printing, you ponder on possibilities that this platform can accomplish or address.

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