App via IOT gateway = Vision restoration


Mobile phones/smart devices and associated apps have been making tremendous impact in peoples life in last couple of years. These developments have surfaced up as a mass success element off late, mainly because their integration with IOT, an element which is helping them explore new avenues. Novartis, pharma giant has tapped into one of those avenue through its recent relaunched vision app.

Vision app, ViaOpta was originally launched in 2014 for assisting visually impaired. Assistance modes are generally vibration or voice guidance. While aforementioned was features in 2014 version, the current development is for smart watches from the likes of Apple and other watch manufacturers. App also gives more realtime notifications by using smartphone cameras to indicate image in purview.

New venture of Novartis is more to soothe its innovation appetite. Furthermore it also complements it’s USD 10.4 billion Alcon business.

Overall smart devices and their integration with IOT are spinning solutions that have been simplifying healthcare and making patients life much better around the world.

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