Affordability & quickness : buzzword in Alzheimer screening arena


All healthcare innovations are revolving around two important aspects : Quickness & Affordability. Further developers are designing platforms that are outside the purview top healthcare ailments. That is, while the affordability and quickness had cast a huge shadow on products for cardiac and diabetes management, there penetrating into Alzheimer screening is relatively new.

On quest of developing such platform Cerebral Assessment System has developed video game like tool to track early signs of Alzheimer. Device uses video game like set up to analyze patients conditions and get a clear picture of their neuro health.

Tool has been on trial mode for long, a duration that it used to get FDA backing , study results documenting and other aspects of commercialization.

Development like these are on the foundation and belief of affordable healthcare, a vision that all the service providers long to meet sooner or later. Traditional Alzheimer screening tests gulp in thousands of dollar and hours for screening for giving actual results, advancement like CAS’s cognivue screening device fulfills the purpose by delivering solutions with holistic overview in shorter span.

Set up involves image pops on computer  which have to be followed with wedge shape indicator. As the image moves and gets blur in subsequent phases, it gets challenging for subject to continue the activity, there by helping the provider gauge Alzheimer and dementia health of subjects.

Tool has backing from FDA which has already sanctioned de novo market approval for the same. It is also backed by a strong trial data , a result which contains evaluation of 401 subjects.

Affordable and quick healthcare outcome tools and devices are assuring for HCP and patients worldwide, and are indicative of the fact that though prices in economy always tend to reach new heights, there is always someone innovating cheaper and effective solutions . We hope innovations similar to CAS’s cognivue screening device  surface up more often and carry a affordable tag along with it.

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