Everything that you need to know about medical robotics developement

Off late medical industry is embracing automation in every aspect of the operation ranging from manufacturing , packaging and labeling. These automation have definitely helped the device players design medical devices that help patient address their critical needs without any issues. All the aforementioned areas are conventional aspects of automation, one another aspect is; automation of surgeries , surgeries which are guided by robots, popularly known as robotic surgery. A market which is made popular by likes of Intuitive Surgical, Mako and their innovative products.

As this market is catching up to time, time that it lost in comparison to its counterpart technologies, these are  activities that give 360 view of robotic surgery status in medical device ecosystem:

1.New entrants post their fund gathering activity are acquiring players to get a good foothold in the market. This was shown by company Transenterix, an company which shelled out as much as 100 million to buy robotics wing of Italian surgical company.

2. Lot of start-ups have started to pile up in market, market which was once led by Intuitive surgical and its legendary product da vinci. These start-ups have showcased promising products and have been able to close good number of funding rounds. Some of these fund closer include Auris Surgical , Transenterix and Others.

3.Doctors anticipate technology penetration to get higher in coming days and have asked FDA to carefully monitor the new entrants products.

4.Non core companies such as Google have started to look into the robotics biz as potential area of investment and hence has inked a deal with Johnson and Johnson where the two can develop robotics solution to simplify ICU procedures.

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