Will this patent of Apple hit commercialization?


Image Courtesy of Apple

Thinking out of the box has always been Apple designer’s mindset. This statement does not require any proof or acknowledgement as company lives and breathes innovation. Be it be its legendary I Phone  or  Apple TV, all stand testmonial to the fact that company is pioneer in what it does.

Further just when industry thought that company had forgot about its  software packages, it released Health-kit, Research-kit, two of the software based solution that are likely to pave way for personalized medicine, and define future of global healthcare.

Now, though these innovation seem like platform from future , not everything that is dreamt off can be converted to reality, a perspective that  Apple-insider holds for company’s recent filed ring patent.

Yes, according recent media buzz, Apple has submitted patent for its ring that contains multiple sensors for recording and aiding its user activity, and has medical and non-medical application flag attached to it. Though track record of Apple’s product commercialization strategy is benchmark in itself, the recent patent submitted holds certain question marks around it. Primarily because of reputation that Apple watch holds , where patent filed claimed lot of application, more than few of which were dropped in engineering and prototyping phases.

News on its patent application for sensor based ring was reported in Apple-insider recently. Activity came to light in times when company was inking deals with various research centers and start-ups to tap into humongous potential that its software portals such Health-kit or research-kit carries.

Though the entire application of biosensor ring stands on speculation, some of closest guesses made by the critic around the same include, its medical application of vital sign monitoring , cardiac rhythm monitoring & perspiration. Its not just medical application that ring is looking to offer, as it also longs accomplish features in security space. Security aspects such as person identification for unlocking systems , phones and other hardware.

Will the ring accomplish commercialization or not? is a difficult query to answer, but will Apple leave any stone UN-turned to do so? is not. Integration of rings interface amid all its established product portfolio will be the key to speedy market entry for product type. If everything from watch to phones to laptops to TV have the ring element added to them , we believe half of the company’s work on product commercialization is done.

Trend: Every tech behemoth is venturing out of their traditional product focus to complete more aspects of human life interface. Company which manufactured products for office space are now looking into home offerings, further tech giants are very swiftly introducing products as add-on feature on their current successful portfolios. Though they are called as add-ons, which means, it is users call to add or not add novel technology into its current tech ecosystem, it is generally not there call to make. Primarily because half of the device feature will be re-routed to add-on portal and can only be accessed through the same. Though the aforementioned scenario prevails in the industry and will always continue to be so, it is always advisable for user to scale up their technological know-how at a quicker pace and embrace the change.

It would not be wrong to say the product sales is taking a new route , a route which always merges with previous successful venture of the company.

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