Can stethoscope get more smart?


We are all living in smart world, a world in which all devices you can think off, have smartness embedded in them. This smartness is now evolving to AI, a concept that is been worked out by some of smartest minds of this era.

However let’s come back to smart devices for now.

Various medical devices are now been shaped into smart devices by leading innovators , be it simple inhaler, syringes or more complex CT injectors. In this quest for innovation entire industry had forgotten the important medical device: stethoscope, a device which is been in use for more than 200 years, and have been source of diagnosis for over billion plus people.

Rijuven ,a Washington based start up however has made a note of the device and has taken it to next level. Company recently launched its smart stethoscope accessory.

Add-on goes by the name Cardio sleeve, and turns traditional stethoscope to a mobile connected 3 lead ECG device.

Stethoscope is most loved device by all physicians, its not just a symbol of their profession but also a source of first diagnosis. Though the device holds all the sentimental value, it is also subjected to catch, it relies on hearing aid for its functionality. With cardiosleeve and i2dtx addition , it will transform audio dependent device to visual enabled smart platform.

Device on totality will enable visualization of heart sound, analyze arrhythmias, murmur & identify heart failures.

While the device was launched recently it has long way to go in its commercialization.

Device shares trend outline that entire the sector is embracing , which is all in one devices intended to quicken the time of diagnosis and hence reduce the overall patient care cost.

As the entire sector leverages the IOT and connected health boom, this device does not come as a surprise, however it is still applaudable , as Rijuven has tried to enhance the symbol or iconic device of physicians by giving it a new face.



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