Google is bringing in big guns but not from technology sector


Image Courtesy of Google

It would be wrong say that, Google will fail to accomplish a task that it has set its eye on. In fact anything that becomes part of company’s vision , is bound to materialize with in no time.

Google, further does not leave any stone unturned to accomplish the same. Be it, an acquisition, technology investment or bringing fresh talent on board. Difference here is that fresh talent recruited are not technology pioneers but academic professionals.

Yes, Google is trying to achieve its healthcare vision by bringing in professors, scientists and other people from academic background onboard.

According to recent article feature on Nature, which highlights some of the transitions that are happening between universities and Alphabet , it clearly indicates perception that research professionals hold for Silicon valley giant.

Now, the rational to the move is not that difficult to jolt down. Google pays good, supports good and most importantly helps materialize a thought to a product by supporting with right infrastructure. Its technology support in the form of hardware and software just comes out as ideal package for the accademic professionals.

Some of the people who have commenced their journey include:
1.Eric Topol, Director of La Jolla
Motive: instead of publications, its just, get stuff done here

2.Thomas Insel, former director of NIMH
Motive: Is looking forward to 10x challenge in mental health

3.Jessical Mega, cardiologist and professor at Harvard Medical School
Motive: working with diverse team of Google
With these people on board and Google’s technology reach, the product that will surface up, will surely drive healthcare future. With strong pipeline of diabetic portfolio namely continuous glucose monitor and contact lens, it would be easy to say, on what will be the first task flagged to these smart minds.


Medical Device Trends


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