IBM’s Watson did not just do that?


Wearable industry growth figures are at top of the charts. Every fortnight wearable start-ups are either closing funding rounds , or been acquired and in some cases hosting IPO.

All this limelight and fame for one reason, that being , these devices can record data. Analysis of data and subsequent predictions to users still remains work in progress.

IBM’s Watson however, is set on a mission to accomplish this work in progress.

Yes, company recently announced collaboration with mobile phone behemoth Apple , where the former would integrate its smart computer to latter’s wearable ( watch). This all magic takes place in app called Cafewell Concierge, which is powered by Watson’s adaptable and self learning code.

Partnership of this type came to limelight only recently and has been IBM Watson’s first of its kind deal with Apple.

This Welltok developed app uses Watson’s cognitive trait to turn Cafewell Concierge more understanding companion by days , primarily because Watson learns, adapts and performs.

Combo can become one stop solution for health , exercise, nutrition and other aspect of human life management.

Unlike any other wearable which puts the recorded data usage and analysis to question, situation in this case seems pretty convincing. Primarily because data recorded is going in training predictive response programing of Watson.

While some of the existing wearable providers,quote to deliver the similar offerings, we all are aware about how deceiving can the cloud and app analysis be(Not to forget the blurred line that exist on when a app is FDA regulated and when its not). Watson super computer on other hand has proved instrumental time and again proving its credibility in this new venture.

Time alone would say if this IBM- Apple journey sees happy and productive ending, as of now the platform is warming up to IBM employees alone. The employees who had privilege to buy Apple smart watch at subsidized rates.


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