Can deep brain stimulation help you loose weight?


Once considered as a problem of high income countries obesity has now become a major issue in low and medium income countries, specifically the ones with urban settings. Nearly 1.2 billion people, which is 30% of global population is either obese or overweight: says a data triangulated from the figures captured for 188 countries. Under these circumstances various healthcare enterprises are developing technologies that have potential to cap the situation or at-least pause it for some time. While companies are doing their share of work, research universities are not leaving any stone unturned to contain the obesity situation.

According recent article feature on LA times recent research study says that stimulating certain parts of the brain through electric impulses can drive down the appetite of obese or overweight people.

Though there are various solutions that are been structured around obesity containment via surgical gateway, non invasive development involving transcranial direct stimulation surfaced up as first of it kind.

According to the research, part of the brain just above the right eye influences the behavioural and reward seeking trait of an individual. Further as a part of study, patient’s mind was subject to electric current not via electrode sinking but via patch on scalp or skin, which gave a mild electric stimulation to bones and tissues around brain region.

Stimulation therapy has worked wonders for treatment of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, parkinson’s symptoms. Adding on to this treatment quest is now obesity treatment, where study clearly indicated the drop in calorie intake of subjects under study. The calories that were avoided by subjects from his meal menu primarily was sugar deserts and cola intake.

Key Takeaway:

1. Non-invasive technologies are likely to be one more solution to obesity treatment.

2.Calories intake for subjects were drastically reduced post transcranial stimulation.

For more insights read LA times feature


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