Can video games help in dealing with cognitive impairment?


Medical device technology pioneers are on roll off late. They are tapping into various technology platforms that form part of individuals day to day curriculum. While mobile , smart watches and other devices that form part of his daily uniform are been worked out for quiet some time, they are now exploring device which sit 5 steps away from his dinning hall couch. The device in reference is video game, a product of technology that is now been considered for a good number of healthcare application.

Intendu, Israel based start-up recently launched a video game set-up that goes by the name FBT and  provides rehabilitation to cognitive impairment subjects.

Device of similar types have garnered good interest of healthcare providers and buyers lately, with significant number of start-ups and established companies paving their way into the field.

Industry personal are calling these platform’s offering as Video game therapy.

Virtual reality is seeking various avenues of healthcare delivery, with its first chases being dealing with ADHD, PTSH.

Functional brain trainer uses motion control platform to introduce subjects to real time activities, further it adopts and enhances the scenario on progressive usage. Company believes that brain rehabilitation community lacks the right tool set which is adaptive, cheap , home set up centric and most important real time. And hence its product Functional brain trainer comes in handy to deal with various neurological challenges like recovery from traumatic brain injury, strokes and other neurological issues.

One of the rational to which Intendu’s development remain tethered is, increased number of war personal coming from Afghan and Iraq. The device set up provides them war kind of virtual space, a support that help them transition from PSTD, and help them switch from war like environment to normal environment.

Good number of companies are walking on path similar to Intendu, and have sufficient clinical claims to back their words, an indicator to these development’s commercial availability.

Key Takeaway:

  1. Virtual reality centred developments will hold the key to dealing with neurological issues.
  2. VT’s end application will be much more than rehabilitation and is/will extend to clinical screening and advanced diagnostics.
  3. Video game, a group of words that previously excited  gamers are now finding a unique position in healthcare professional’s dictionary.

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