Can origami contribute to microscope making, and introduce world to better health?

The answer to the above question is yes, it can , or wait, it already is.

When we think about origami first thing that comes into our mind is swan which was made by one of the origami enthusiast ( one that exists in every friend circle I assume). However when one such enthusiast makes microscope out of the skill set , its just awesome.

IITian alumnus, Manu Prakash has developed a foldable microscope which has capability of revolutionizing the global health. The claim stands on basic foundation, which is, if you can show people organisms that cause disease, and indicate their presence in individual’s vicinity, they will try getting rid of them.


Image Source : CNN IBN

The use and throw microscope creator has his own laboratory in Stanford, and is believer of the strong connect that exists between science education and global health. He believes until and unless you are able to showcase people about small scale word encompassing bacteria, viruses and others, there is very less chances of they changing their mindset about diseases.

The foldable device as shown in the figure above has capability of magnifying the size by 140 times. Further it also has lens that can be positioned on your mobile phone to record the image that you are viewing through the portable microscope.

Development of disposable, cheap, use and throw technologies are on peek in recent times, mainly because there is dire need of affordable solutions at every facet of day-to-day activity.

Device embraces this affordability clause and is not just a unit of bettering healthcare but is also a platform that can help millions of students world wide to educate themselves about science, by helping them view tiny micro-organisms, a view which was barred to them on the account of cost associated with these similar devices.  According the journals claims each of this unit could be printed in 50 cents, now if this is not WOW thingy, I do not know what is?

While developers across the world eye for creating products which deliver exceptionally good solutions at cheaper rates, corporates are plugging in enormous resources in their R&D spend. The cat mouse run of these two will continue to be most interesting race to watch. However at this point of time I guess its the score for University, needless to say, if the same has to be taken to the wider crowd the developers will need the support of big pockets of ” Corporate”

Key Takeaway:

  1. Innovation is merging with affordability, where its breaking the traditional line, that is, “Innovation comes at a price”
  2. Universities are now not targeting products centred around developed regions but towards emerging markets, where key is affordability.
  3. Disposable products are likely to be future of the industry, or will it not?

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