APAC Healthcare Landmarks: In 2015


Image Source: Thomson Reuters

Ever changing healthcare industry behaved as expected in the year 2015. It embraced growth, looked at billion dollar M&A deals, expanded capacity, involved itself in cross industry partnerships and much more.

Developed markets continued to have steady growth while emerging markets remained potential targets.

Speaking of emerging markets, these markets not just welcomed venture of western companies, but in some cases welcomed new trends and policies too.

According Global Growth Markets feature, following were some landmark deal that geography experienced, in order to reach long awaited healthcare sector maturity.

We would like to bucket this trends under various categories namely:

  • IOT related
  • Demand and supply related
  • Regulations
  • Others


– aka. Big Data, aka. Telemedicine  included all the developments ranging from investment on e-health in Australia, to Singapore coming on board with I-PADS and other portals for patient rehabilitation. It was not just these regions that opened their arms for IOT and its associated products, regions such as China, Myanmar and other emerging markets also expressed interest to tap into extreme potentials of internet of things.

Demand and supply related

While emerging market growing demand is no myth, with their average figures witnessing a continuous growth Y-o-Y, some geographies such as Brazil surprised the industry by buying less of medical equipment than its previous fiscal year.

Supply on the other side was on better position from all the angles. GE plugged in USD 1 billion in Indonesia, Malaysia- came on medical device manufacturing map by scaling its international technical know how and providing right infrastructure and taxation norms to global companies.


At regulation front, two important news that remained as talk of the town were:

1.India opening up for 100% FDI for medical device sector.

2.And China outlining regulatory norms for online sales of medicine.


Besides aforementioned activities, ASIA also viewed formation of Asia Pacific Medical Device Association, a consortium formed by behemoths such as BD, Medtronic, Philips Healthcare and Others.

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Note: Though the focus of the feature has been around APAC, regions such as Brazil are also outlined in the discussion.


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