Will this vision of Uber change the face of healthcare?


Image Source: Buzz Feed

Healthcare industry is witnessing pour in from multiple sector. Be it IT, technology or any other industry; behemoths of all industry are just lining themselves up to get a bite of the healthcare industry. Recently we have seen IBM, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple; all making their healthcare venture plans, by developing one or the other products. New in line is Uber, who in late 2015 commenced its healthcare journey by hosting Uber Health campaign.

Campaign was focused in making flu shots available to the patients at door step.The campaign was available for 4 hours and involved availability of nurses in Uber cabs. Flu shot was available at US 10$ a shot, and was targeted to deliver dosages for 10000 patients across 36 cities.

Uber’s healthcare move became more relevant as news of company hiring John Brownstein,director of the Computational Epidemiology Group at Boston Children’s Hospital came into limelight.

Though currently tagged as speculation, it would not be wrong to assume that company has some well thought strategy to contribute to healthcare fraternity.

Just letting our imagination get little wild here, we can think of time when Uber is delivering doctors at your door step to give you an immediate care or patients been driven to hospitals for regular check-ups. But again all this is just speculation.

Some of the other activities that adds little seriousness to this speculation was Uber’s recent partnership with Practo, a doctor appointment setting app. Where the latter suggested patients to use Uber for the travelling to desired Hospital or clinic.

While the company’s claim around the speculation remains unanswered, some of the start-ups like Pager, Mend and Heal are calling themselves as Uber of healthcare already.

As a representative of medical device trends, we can just speculate and blog about upcoming healthcare ventures, with time alone taking a command of actual scenarios. But we always look to jolt interesting stories like these for the readers.

Content was taken from Buzzfeed feature, click URL to read the complete story.

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