What has been Qualcomm doing in healthcare space?


Qualcomm, company that we all know for its wireless solutions has been creating huge noise in healthcare.

Its activities have been more than remarkable, and all are targeted towards single goal; which is streamlined & connected healthcare. In order to do that, it has kept itself busy by partnering with healthcare giants, having joint ventures, and most important acquiring technologies.

Below is the snapshot of its activity focus:

  1. Partners with Medtronic for disposable, connected & continuous glucose monitor: This is a leap forward for diabetic treatments which currently rely on traditional prick and measure solutions.
  2. Partnership with United healthcare for app development that could be incorporated in wearable, DX and other medical devices. This partnership is unique as unlike the other collaborations this one is with insurance company, who look to serve healthcare needs at subsidized rates.
  3. It is keeping innovation also as its priority and hence its partnership with Novartis for release of smart inhaler.
  4. Another activity that Qualcomm embraced was acquisition. It acquired Capsule Tech, the medical device connectivity player.
  5. Like other tech giants , Qualcomm is a big fan of data analytics, and therfore inked a deal with Cerner to streamline the data.
  6. Qualcomm has also been active in the funding fraternity where its Venture division plans to support start-ups with  100 million $ cash.

Now we all know that non-core companies are trying to get bite of healthcare through one or the other ventures, but its rare that we see commitment as consistent as Qualcomm’s.

These are some of the Qualcomm’s recent updates in healthcare sector. For more info on various companies healthcare plans, please follow medical device trends (Your online trend tracker)



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