Panasonic looks to increase its sale by 70% through this activity

Sales increase for any company is challenging task these days. Pressure from new technology platforms, established peers and affordability remain the major hurdles for multinational companies.

Amid these times there is one company which has set its target of 70% sales increase in next 4 years. How it longs to do so is outlined below…

Panasonic Indonesia, subsidiary of Panasonic looks to touch USD 88 million flag mark by 2020, a figure 70% higher from its 2015 figure of 51 million USD.

The target alignment came after its parent company acquired Bayer’s diabetes business. The figure rationalization of USD 88 million was on the grounds of Indonesian division being used for offshore operations. As the diabetes requirement of meters and test strips are on rise both in developed and emerging regions, the extrapolated figures of the company can definitely be banked on.

Even with all this rationalities 70% increase over 4 years seems like over optimist view of the company. who we all wish good luck.


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