Did Google just do this ?

Did Google just do this ?

We are referring to its recent sale of robotic division (Boston dynamics) to Toyota.

Google bought Boston dynamics with certain beliefs and vision in 2013.
All of these beliefs started to fall apart when Andy Rubin left organization in 2014, and Google could not find any right replacement to fill in his shoes.

Now there are two questions that need to be asked here:

1. Why would Google let go of such    a booming product franchise ?

Its been inking deals with various conglomerates around similar products and platforms, & letting go of in-house know-how at this point of time didn’t really add up.

2. Why would Toyota buy it?

It made sense when Toyota invested on Uber for projects around self driving cars and other associated developments , this deal on the other hand does not compliment the dynamics.

Anyhow we wish Toyota good luck on its acquisition and look forward to what it longs to do out of it.

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Note: Original story featured in Business Insider


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