Philips does something really commendable in Healthcare IOT space


Philips  does something really commendable in Healthcare IOT space….

Royal Philips recently launched beta version of in-home care programs for elderly. It did so by materializing most used tech buzz word “IOT”. Philips in partnership with Right at Home,a major in-home senior care network launched a product named Caresensus.

The product uses various sensor and analytical tools to read the daily routine of elderly, and then formulates care plan in accordance to captured dynamics.

Sensors record every aspect of the daily activities including sleeping, eating, walking, not to forget bathroom usage patterns, do deduce the right fit care program for any individual.

While all the companies say they are working to materialize on IOT, Philips went ahead with actionable path proving its all work & no say type enterprise.

Company recently spin off its light biz to have more focused approach towards healthcare, and it has been just living up to the mark for every claim that it had ever made.

While Philips takes this beta version of the product to commercialization, we hope to see other players make tangible progress in IOT space.

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